Focus Bankers, LLC

"Olympia LePoint’s message is so timely, so convincing and so logical that it cannot be overlooked. She not only identifies the problem, as so many educators and politicians do, but she has the solutions. Her approach seems very economical."

-- Paul K. Richey, CPA Senior Managing Director
Southwest Region, Focus Bankers


California Science Center

"Olympia provided exactly what we were looking for in a keynote. We appreciated Olympia’s End Mathaphobia Now, The 4 Types of Math Phobias and the ‘Beating The Odds Approach’ that was shared. We received many requests for another speech."

-- Ana M. Gaiter,
Director of Professional Development, Amgen Center for Science Learning, California Science Center


California State University, Northridge

"Olympia’s End Mathaphobia® Now was successfully used for our 2007 entering Student Health Professionals Pre-Entry Program freshman students. The students still ask for Olympia’s explanations. We plan to use this system again."
-- Frankie Augustin, M.S.,
Director of the Science and Math Student Services Center/EOP Satellite,California State University Northridge


Joseph WalkerTraining Center Organization

"Olympia’s speaking style is magnetic. She can entertain and educate. She explains complex ideas in a simple way. "

-- Sandra J. Washington CEO,
Joseph Walker Training Center Organization


California Council for Economic Education

"Olympia’s End Mathaphobia® Now is a great tool for students and for U.S. schools. I look forward to seeing this program implemented for our youth."

-- Justin Phillips,
Director, California Council for Economic Education


We discovered the root cause of math illiteracy - Mathaphobia®.

Many people fear math. Until their fear is eliminated, students will have poor performance...

Olympia’s End Mathaphobia® Now helps students, educators, and parents to Ace Math in 3 steps. The 3-Day Program, plus coaching, empowers parents and helps students gain high scores.

Ace Math 1-2-3

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