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Olympia LePoint, M.S.

Founder & "The Mathaphobia® Remover"

Miraculously casting out fear for success


Founder of Olympia's End Mathaphobia® Now, Olympia LePoint is a former rocket scientist and motivational speaker who once, repeatedly failed in math. However, Olympia became a professional mathematician once she learned to overcome her own math fear. After nearly ten years of national award-winning rocket propulsion projects, Olympia LePoint the next generation of U.S. engineers and scientists. However, she realized that this task was harder than it appeared. She discovered that many people fear math to the point of Math Phobia. As a result, she defines Mathaphobia®, measures and eliminates it. Consequently, our nation's future success can be built by math-literate, innovative people.

As an associate math professor and rocket scientist for over a decade, Olympia explains "The 5-Prong Approach to Change Our U.S. Economy Using Math & Science." Olympia LePoint has successfully eliminated Math Phobia in thousands of students. Olympia reveals the successful thinking methods that create good grades, as well as, help our U.S. invest in future mathematicians, scientists and engineers.

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Olympia LePoint in Action


Michael Carlson, M.S

Michael Carlson is a veteran educator and engineer who creates mathematical models to ensure safe NASA flight.  In a fortune 500 engineering corporation for over twenty years, Michael Carlson has transferred his mathematical knowledge to Los Angeles community college students.  Michael Carlson has earned a M.S. in Applied Mathematics from Northwestern University, and a B.S. in Mathematics from Central Michigan University.

Michael Carlson for Olympia LePoint
LaToya Brown, M.A.
LaToya Brown for Olympia LePoint

LaToya Brown specializes in student outreach and success.  LaToya Brown is a veteran K-12 educator who has worked with students for over ten years.  LaToya Brown began laying the foundation for student performance when she educated in the DuBois-Hamer Institute - a NASA funded outreach program geared to prepare students for college excellence.  LaToya Brown has a special talent to ignite students to pursue higher learning. LaToya Brown has earned a M.A. degree in Education from Claremont Graduate School, and a B.A. from California State University Northridge.

Roger Richardson

Roger Richardson shows students the process to be successful.  A volunteer for countless outreach programs, Roger Richardson uses advanced science and engineering principals to ignite student learning.  For over twenty years, Roger has been an aerospace product development engineer in a major fortune 500 engineering corporation.  Roger Richardson has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Letourneau College and additional math studies at University of Arizona.

Roger Richardson for Olympia LePoint
Shea (Shay) Smith
Shea Smith for Olympia LePoint

With a desire to explain difficult math concepts in a simple way, Shea Smith specializes in youth math tutoring. Shea creates innovative real-life applications for students to view "MATH AS REAL". Shea’s teaching style allows both parents and students to ace math tests. Shea attends California State University Northridge’s prestigious Electrical Engineering Program for his Bachelor’s in Science degree.

Courtney Smith

Able to relate to students from kindergarten through high school, Courtney Smith enthusiastically transforms problems into solutions for struggling students. With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and a Teaching Credential from California State University Northridge, Courtney is a math teacher for a major California school district. Courtney successfully math tutors and identifies the methods that help parents break the cycle of students' poor performance.

Courtney Smith for Olympia LePoint
Melanie M. Aunchman
Melanie M. Aunchman for Olympia LePoint

As a mathaphobia® remover apprentice, Melanie Aunchman specializes in returning student and adult education. Melanie has mastered the step-by-step process to clearly explain basic and advanced math concepts for all ages. Aside from the mathaphobia program, Melanie is an education readiness professional within the Bridge to Success Program at Pierce Community College. Melanie is completing requirements for her Bachelor of Science degree in Physics.


We discovered the root cause of math illiteracy - Mathaphobia®.

Many people fear math. Until their fear is eliminated, students will have poor performance...

Olympia’s End Mathaphobia® Now helps students, educators, and parents to Ace Math in 3 steps. The 3-Day Program, plus coaching, empowers parents and helps students gain high scores.

Ace Math 1-2-3

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